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New details about the Apple Watch 2 and 3 AirPods

11 iOS GM leaked online recently, hides a lot of information about new Apple devices. Including hours of third generation and updated AirPods headphones.

Updated the Watch app on the iPhone. It now uses the new image of the clock with the telephone icon, that displays the signal strength of the network, and the red wheel Digital Crown.

Apple Watch 3 will receive support for LTE. Watch can be used independently of the iPhone, but what features will be available offline – is unknown. At least users will be allowed to use a cell phone network.

This watch will need to be linked to an existing tariff of cellular communication. Probably for an additional fee. In this case, both devices will have the same phone number.

In iOS 11 also found information that some operators will offer a free month of service when you connect the Apple Watch.

Another interesting discovery iOS GM 11 – a new version of AirPods. The firmware found an image of the case headphones with charging indicator on the outside. The earphones themselves have received updated ID – 1,2 AirPods.

It’s possible that Apple will make other minor changes to headphones, but we are at the presentation.

Apple will be held September 12. On it the company will show 8 anniversary iPhone, Apple TV supporting 4K video, and Apple Watch 3 with LTE module.

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