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New concept shows iPhone jubilee X c edge-to-edge screen design of the first iPhone

One of the main trends in design of mobile devices machinery – reduction of the frame around the screen. The first attention to this idea attracted the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, devoid of side frames on three sides. The less time remains before the announcement of the upcoming iPhone, the more rumors and concepts appears in the Network. This time the design of the anniversary of the Communicator Apple are predicting not just an upgrade “stuffing”, but a complete redesign.

Artist Martin Hayek combined in his new concept a minimum frame around the screen and the design of the first-generation smartphone. In rendering interestingly enough is implemented to increase the screen area due to the areas above and below where now the iPhone has a relatively large vacant space.

Conceptual iPhone X got aluminum body. On the display panel, extending from “end to end” remained the Home button, but it has become virtual. From the back of the phone resembles the first generation model. It is obvious that iPhone 2G has become a source of inspiration for this work.

As rightly pointed out by the followers of Hayek, the handset looks quite original, but technically, the idea has drawbacks. In particular, control of the smartphone, which has no part, uncomfortable. Besides, even do not want to think that it would be so mobile after a fall.

How close to reality was the proposed concept, we learn in the fall.

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