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New concept art show might look like the iPhone 8 with a transparent screen

Earlier this week MacDigger publish concept art iPhone 8, which was created by the designer Tadeo Brando using available today details about the upcoming flagship. Another artist, our compatriot Egor Pashkov also introduced the world to his vision of a new model of Apple. His work is notable for the presence of the iPhone 8 transparent screen.

Modern technical possibilities do not allow to create a transparent processor, battery, PV panel and other components. According to the designer, this point can be circumvented by integrating the back panel of the smartphone special optical elements.

From the front of the iPhone 8 is a slightly darker matte panel with thin frames and classic iOS home screen. As a traditional display, an innovative device is able to display full color. The gadget boasts a clear user interface that adapts depending on what is behind the phone.

Pashkov did not disclose any technical specifications iPhone 8, but indicated the presence of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and a piezoelectric speaker, built-in display panel device.

It should be noted that this is not an official image, which provided some source. This is purely a fantasy. However, it would be funny if in one of the next generation Apple is really using this solution. The presentation of the iPhone 8 is expected in autumn this year.

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