New Bluetooth standard announced – LE Audio

At CES 2020, Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced a new audio standard – LE (Low Energy) Audio. According to the manufacturer, the new standard uses a high-quality codec with low power consumption.

Bluetooth LE Audio allows you to broadcast sound to several devices at once: for example, to three pairs of headphones. Yes, iOS 13 introduced the ability to stream music to multiple pairs of AirPods or Beats equipped with an Apple chip, but the new standard requires a universal system that all manufacturers can use.


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New Bluetooth standard announced - LE Audio

Sergey Kuzmin

November 22, 2019

The new audio standard uses the LC3 (Low Complexity Communications Codec) codec, which provides high sound quality compared to SBC (this codec is used by default in Bluetooth), and it requires half the power. LE Audio also supports optional aptX and aptX HD codecs.

But the most interesting is that thanks to cooperation with the European Association of Manufacturers of Hearing Aids, devices will appear in the near future that will be connected via Bluetooth. For example, in a movie theater, where support for the new protocol will appear, hearing-impaired users will be able to connect to the audio system.

The specifications of the new LE Audio standard will be published in the first half of this year, but devices with its support will appear no earlier than 2021, but these are my assumptions.

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