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New battery Samsung will allow Apple Car to drive 600 km

09.01.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Division of Samsung SDI, specializing in chemical current sources and displays, has announced a battery for electric vehicles. Car Apple Car, which is being developed in the bowels of Cupertino will be able to come with batteries of up to 600 kilometers on a single charge.

New battery Samsung will allow Apple Car to drive 600 km

President of Samsung SDI said that to date, this is the best result for power supplies of this type. Also new technology company in the field of lithium-ion batteries will be used to release the automobile battery to replace traditional lead-acid storage.

Improve the efficiency of battery engineers have achieved due to 20-30% increase in energy density of the battery while reducing size lithium-ion rechargeable cell, mainly its thickness. In the end, in one development cycle, Samsung increased by 100 km the previous achievement for such batteries (which are allowed on a single charge to cover the distance up to 500 km).

According to representatives of Samsung SDI, the battery charging for 20 minutes will allow you to travel 500 km to Begin mass production of new batteries, the company plans in 2021.

New battery Samsung will allow Apple Car to drive 600 km

Earlier it was reported that Apple is developing a project with the code name Project Titan. Its essence is bringing to market vehicles that can move on their own, without human intervention.

According to sources, a self-driving car is still a part of long-term plans of the company. But the first generation model, which should appear on roads by the end of this decade will continue to demand finding the man behind the wheel.


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