New Apple TV with 4K and A12X Ready for Release

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on an updated version of its Apple TV set-top box. And now, renowned insider John Prosser, who has a good track record regarding leaks about new Apple products, said the new Apple TV 4K is ready to go.

New Apple TV with 4K and A12X Ready for Release

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According to Prosser, the new Apple TV 4K set-top box will be based on the A12X chip and will be released in two versions with 64 and 128 GB of internal memory. An insider noted that the release of the new model can take place at any time, but he does not yet have specific information on the release date.

A hint of a new generation of Apple TV was discovered in the beta version of iOS 13.4 back in January. Then it was assumed that the prefix will receive an A12 chip and 64 or 128 GB of internal memory. Most likely, the new processor will be the only major change in the Apple TV. A total redesign and update of the filling is not yet expected. In the leak of the iOS 14 code, mention was made of the appearance of a new Apple TV with an updated remote control, but it is possible that the updated Apple remote control will save until next year.

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