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New Apple TV: tricks, tips and useful settings

The new generation of consoles Apple TV went on sale last Friday, and users have a few days testing the “Apple” novelty. Many believe the updated model is very successful thanks to the App store, Siri voice assistant and the new operating system tvOS.

In addition to the already published set-top box video reviews we offer you a list of tips and tricks for using Apple TV. Some of the techniques and instructions you can find in the user manual.

Remote control

Touch panel

  • To move the application shortcut, place the cursor on it and do a long touch until the icon starts to jiggle. Then swipe left, right, up or down and move the app. Press the touch panel once to complete the move.
  • The touch panel detects the speed of the scrolling. Use this and scroll through long lists faster.
  • Point to any letter on the virtual keyboard and perform a long press. As a result a context menu appears with capital letters, special characters and Backspace key.
  • Hover over any song and make a long touch to open a menu with various commands Apple Music.

Menu Button

  • Press the Menu button once to go back.
  • Quickly press the Menu button twice on the main screen to activate the screen saver.
  • Press and hold the Menu button and the Home button simultaneously to reboot Apple TV.

Double click the Home button to open multitasking bar Apple TV

The Home Button

  • Press the Home button once anywhere to return to the home screen.
  • Do a quick double press Home button to invoke App Switcher that shows all running apps. Swipe up on the touchpad remote control to close the application.
  • Press the Home button quickly three times to invoke VoiceOver.
  • Hold the Home button to put Apple TV in standby mode.
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Button Siri

  • Press the button for Siri the voice assistant.
  • Press and hold the Siri button to open a list of commands that you can ask Siri.

Button Play/Pause

  • Press Play/Pause once to switch the keypad mode between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Press Play/Pause once during the “jiggling” icon to remove the selected app.
  • Hold Play/Pause for 5-7 seconds to return to Apple Music.

Settings Apple TV


  • Apple TV can be renamed in the settings AirPlay -> Apple TV
  • Information about the underlying network is displayed in the menu item General -> About this device.
  • To connect a universal remote control for Apple TV menu the Remote controls and the device -> Connect the remote. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The settings of the

  • The sensitivity level of the touch panel can be adjusted in the menu point the Remote controls and devices -> touchpad Sensitivity.
  • Do a quick triple tap on Home button to quickly call one of the functions of Universal access. To select the quick function in the section settings, General -> Universal access -> keyboard shortcut.
  • The battery level of remote controller is shown under the Panels and devices -> Bluetooth.
  • Remote Apple TV allows you to enable, disable and adjust the speaker volume of your TV or connected acoustics via HDMI-CEC or infrared. In some cases, the synchronization process occurs automatically, or set manually in menu Panels and devices -> Control your home theater, this section is under the “Control your TV using the remote control” and “adjust volume”.
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