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New App Store rules for developers – without a privacy policy anywhere

Apple asked the developers in the announcement through the App Store Connect. The company requires all new apps and updates have included links in the metadata with the privacy policy.

The new rules will come into force from 3 October.

Now, even if the app is a simple utility that works without connecting to the Internet, it must contain the web site’s privacy policy page.

In any app in the app Store for a long time there metadata field privacy policy. It was mandatory for programs that use the subscription for paid services, and now this requirement will apply to all applications in the store. Apple will not remove the existing programs, but with any future update, the developers need to add a web site privacy policy.

On the iPhone or iPad customers can use the privacy policy link and read it in Safari. And here at tvOS no web browser, so developers will have to download all the information about privacy in the text box.

Apple argues that privacy policy should identify what data the app collects, how this information is used. The developer should also confirm that any third-party frameworks used comply with the privacy policy of the parent app. Programs should clearly explain the data retention policy and to describe in detail how the user can withdraw consent and request removal of any personal data.

It remains unclear whether Apple will remove apps that violate the rules. The practice of data sharing in programs is under scrutiny in recent months after scandals involving Cambridge Analytica.

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New requirements for the App Store is probably connected with the observance of the EU requirements described in the General regulations on the protection of personal data.

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