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New app identifies the age and sex of the person on the photo

To determine the real age of a person is sometimes very difficult: makeup, plastic surgery, and just looks not for years can prevent this. However, the creators of the app How Old? claim that it was able to determine how old you are and what you floor, on a single photograph.

To use the app, the user must either upload a photo or take a new one. How Old? within seconds analyzes the image and issues its opinion on the sex and age of the person. If the frame is fixed, the service will recognize all the faces.

The accuracy of age determination depends on many factors, including the quality of the downloaded image and the shooting angle. And the developers fair warning that sometimes the service can produce incorrect results, and this work is ongoing.

According to the developers, the app How-Old? was launched, primarily to demonstrate the capabilities of Azure cloud platform and other technologies, including created with the participation of experts from Microsoft research machine learning algorithms and data analysis in real time. In addition, the system uses the API face recognition Face Detection developed in the framework of the project Project Oxford, and Bing search.

How-Old? there is also a web version. The company noted that, initially counted only about fifty “testers” of the service, and were quite surprised when in a few hours he became an Internet hit, gaining more than 35 000 visitors who downloaded more than 200,000 photos, and social media people started sharing screenshots of the most unusual results obtained in the analysis as their own persons, and persons of various celebrities — actors, singers, politicians.

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App How Old? available in two versions – free and paid. In the last no ad banners.

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