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New app Google Hands Free will allow pay without reaching for your smartphone

Google unveiled the service is Hands Free, which will allow you to pay for goods using only a couple of words spoken to the smartphone. While it does not even have to pick up.

The search giant has decided to resurrect the failed service Wallet, running Android Pay – direct competitor Apple Pay. It works just as well as the Apple counterpart, but there is an interesting advantage. Android Pay is an open system, i.e. each developer (whether it’s electronics store, a café, a bar, or an ambitious start-up) can create their own payment app.

But the most interesting feature of Android Pay — for Hands Free. The application allows you to pay for purchases own voice, not out of his pocket no wallet, no credit card or even a smartphone. You only need to download the smartphone app and tie him a card. After that, to buy something in the store is sufficient to say: “I want to pay with Google”.

The company has released a promotional video of the service. He, however, does not give a complete picture about how it works Hands Free. Most likely, the smartphone of the buyer to contact the seller terminal via Bluetooth, but a passphrase simply run the algorithm of the transaction. But what if the room you are not alone?

The answers to these questions yet. Google itself calls Hands Free experiment, to test it will be a few Papa Johns and McDonalds in the USA.

It should be said that such a solution already exist. They all have wide application not found, but maybe it is from them Google can gain ideas for Hands Free. In 2013, for example, PayPal has announced Beacon, a small device equipped with Bluetooth and inserted into the socket. It was supposed to install it in stores.

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When trading hall is the man who has the smartphone has a PayPal app, Beacon connects to the phone via Bluetooth, “recognizes” its owner, and passes this information to the terminal by the cashier. There, in turn, displayed a photograph of the buyer (without uploading your photo, the user cannot use Beacon). Then the cashier determines who stands before him, and withdraws money from the right account.

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