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New app for iPhone allows you to create photos with 3D effect [video]

Like to take pictures and put pictures in Instagram and Vkontakte? Fine, but photos are just photos, all the charm they still will not give. Of course, how to transmit smell or taste, speech does not go, but to share images with volume effect is already possible – through a mobile app.

A new program called Slide turns the iPhone into a kind of 3D scanner that can create three-dimensional images, such as those that are used in online stores to demonstrate the product. Smartphone moving along the object, the user creates a series of images that the program will “stick together” into a unified whole animated image that demonstrates with 3D effect.

According to the developers, the idea for the application was prompted by the authors of culinary sites, who took several dozen photos at different angles, and then decide which one to choose for publication. Now Slide gives them a chance to show what they write, literally “from all sides”. Of course, to use the features of the program can not only for capturing food.

Slide automatically creates animated gifs that can “post” to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or send by messenger. To view a picture in any app.

Slide will only work with iOS 8.1, as the app needs full access to the camera API iPhone. The minimum model to use – the iPhone 5s.

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