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New album Dr. Dre for the week listened to 25 million users Apple Music

The first in 16 years album rapper and Apple employee Dr. Dre listened to 25 million times in its first week of release in Apple Music. The number of sales records “Compton” on iTunes amounted to 500,000 copies. Impressive sales figures however did not allow the album to hit the music charts in the USA.

Album Dr Dre Compton was released on 7 August. It was recorded as the soundtrack to the film “Voice of the streets” (Straight Outta Compton), telling the story of the group N. W. A., which Dre began his musical career.

According to the artist, at first after a long hiatus, the album was inspired by the film “the Voice of the streets” (Straight outta Compton), dedicated to N. W. A., where he started his musical career and gained first fame.

It is noteworthy that for the first 16 years album Dr. Dre topped the charts in the UK. Compton became the first in the career of Dre recording, which managed to enter the top of the British rankings. Previous album rapper under the name of “2001” in 1999, reached a fourth of the charts.

We will add that track rapper Eminem from the album Compton has been criticized for belittling the victims of sexual violence in the song Medicine Man. In the line, revolted as representatives of charitable groups involved in the rehabilitation of victims of violence and ordinary Twitter users, Eminem brags that even those women, whom he rapes, in the end get process from pleasure (“I even make the bitches I rape cum”).

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The cooperation of Dr. Dre and Eminem began in 1998, when first produced for rapper three tracks from the album Slim Shady LP, including famous Eminem single My Name Is. Subsequently Dre acted as Executive producer on all subsequent tracks artist.

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