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New Age – atmospheric new fantasy MMO from Nova Games

All MMO similar to each other, but each unhappy in its own way. Who often plays online games may have noticed that they are similar to a shift – and there and there the trolls, orcs, fantasy-evil and other stereotypes of this genre. Anyone bothered to see for many years is the same, he may try a “New Era” is a fascinating MMORPG, has recently appeared in Apps Store and Google Play.

You are a resident of the fictional world Aquillon. Once in Aquilone all was quiet, but the cataclysm broke out and divided the world into several disparate parts. And then – misfortune doesn’t come alone climbed devils of all stripes. Only you and the hundred heroes will be able to save this all the Universe. As far as the game is mediocre in the plot, so unexpected then. Initially you choose your character – his race and class. The authors suggest that you approach the matter responsibly: styles vary significantly. Someone hurts, someone who walks a lot and keeps hitting, someone’s spitting magic, and someone on all counts – but does not Shine in any.

After you create a character, you will be sent to the city hall here the mayor, smithy, tavern, dungeon, and other important functioning things. First time in the “New Era” is an endless series of quests that give you everything: from the mayor to the holder of the pharmacy. Dialog system in quests allows for a different approach to the job: someone considers that is ready to go, someone decides to wait, focusing on the preparation, and someone will take advantage of alternative routes — opportunity to agree or quietly pick up the desired one.

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Fighting in the game is turn-based, but no autobiography here don’t wait – all very seriously. Can beat (or remotely near), to include magic tricks, learned perks or carefully stashed bottle. Sometimes the map are artifacts of local color – for example, the protective statue, by activating which, you will receive a bonus to armor. Something similar was in King’s Bounty – in the midst of battle you can raise the bonus, capable to change an alignment of forces. By the way, all the weapons that you have mined or bought from the blacksmith, also actively goes into battle – and sword worn by the hero, honestly it shows.

Since the “New Era” – this is a MMO, of course, to fight alone here moveton – cards specially designed for massive battles. In sociable battles the game takes the very online of the scale, for which we love these projects: someone covers, someone desperately tupit, and someone saves the whole game. All as always.

What you won’t see in other MMOs is a local system of dialogues in the quests. Not only are they great written – vividly, sometimes with humor, sometimes with sadness – and there is nonlinearity. Conversing with a guard, you can be rude to him, provoking a fight, to bribe or to cheat, or try to find another way. Rarely, very rarely what MMO allows a user such liberties.

And in “a New Era” you can join clans, to trade, to storm with his colleagues and mine is a full – fledged role-playing game, ported to the small screen of a mobile phone (or tablet). Step-by-step, in contrast to the majority of relatives – and, of course, its a big plus: actionrpg has become boring; “a New Era” – gulp of air.

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Download “New Era” for iPhone and iPad
Download “New Era” for Android

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