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New 3D animated model demonstrates the iPhone 8 from all sides

According to rumors, the next-generation iPhone may be the most expensive smartphone in the entire history of the existence of “Apple” phones. Thus, according to the latest insiders, new 4.7 and 5.5-inch flagship Apple will start to collect one month later than the current schedule. To buy a device is expected only in November this year.

However, none of the above does not prevent sources provide the press with new portions of information about the iPhone 8. So, the staff of the online publication BGR got their hands on from reliable sources of the production documentation on the basis of which was created a 3D model of the upcoming device.

Thanks to the detailed CAD files we have the ability to evaluate the design of the new creations of developers from Cupertino. Of course, the image is not the original leak. It merely hints at the abstract one of the possible versions of the smartphone.

Familiar to connoisseurs the Apple the contours of the phone global changes in the iPhone 8 will not. The overall design of the device will remain without major changes. While the back of the engineers are made of glass. In conjunction with the left a place for the inductor is evidence of implementation in iPhone 8 wireless charging technology.

With this iPhone 8 will retain the dimensions of 4.7-inch iPhone 7, despite a 5.8-inch display. The renders clearly show that fans are going to minimize the space around the screen (to make device “frameless”). On the basis of available CAD drawings, building “g” will be only slightly larger in length, width and thickness of the iPhone 7.

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Earlier, analysts said that Apple is actively working to integrate new technologies fingerprint, which should be working via the display. Experts have difficulties with introduction of new features that have not yet been solved. For this reason, the scanner Touch ID can be integrated into the on / off button.

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