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Neutered bezlimita: MTS has introduced a fee for the distribution of Wi-Fi

The largest Russian operator MTS has introduced a fee for the ability to share Internet from mobile devices. The restriction will apply to users of unlimited tariff “Smart bezlimita” and selecting “Internet bezlimita”.

From 7 November 2016 at the rate of “Smart bezlimita” and selecting “Internet bezlimita” cost distribution unlimited traffic from your smartphone to other devices (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB) is 30 RUB/day per usage.

According to the head TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov, the ability to distribute Internet to other devices uses about 3-5% of users. However, after the start MTS has faced mass protests subscribers in social networks. Everything was much discussion of outrageous innovation and send marketers MTS rays all diseases and ailments.

It is obvious that many enjoyed unlimited data plans including to the Internet at home and/or at the cottage, too, must have been willing to feed Internet to other devices.

However, MTS is the first operator charging a fee for the distribution of mobile Internet. The first was the company Yota, and the second “Beeline”, and on his tariff “Monose” the clock distribution of network access cost is not 30 rubles, and 150.

Thus, at the moment the only way to get truly unlimited Internet and distribute it to other devices — to connect to the operator “MegaFon” and add to the tariff option “Meganesia”, which, according to the description, no discrimination does not exist yet.

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