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Network users harshly criticized the design of the iPhone 8

Social media users have accepted the new design of the iPhone 8. After the publication in the network schematic drawings of the smartphone began to receive the critical evaluation of design of new products and solutions Apple to transfer the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel.

The image of the smartphone has put a well-known blogger and insider Sonny Dickson, often publishes reliable information on Apple products. The photo shows a three-dimensional model of the iPhone 8. In the lower part of the image seen mention of the manufacturer Foxconn. Users first saw a totally new Apple device that immediately attracts the attention of non-California giant the location of the fingerprint module.

Users on the Network note that a similar solution was used by Samsung in its flagship Galaxy S8. The fact that the specialists did not have time to integrate the fingerprint scanner into a smartphone display and moved it to the rear panel to the main camera. If a leak is confirmed, the iPhone 8 is waiting for a similar metamorphosis, only the biometric module will be located below the logo, almost in the center of the body.

On Reddit, users much discussion a schematic image iPhone 8. Many have criticized the design of the smartphone in General, while others are dissatisfied with the location module Touch ID. Even Apple fans have recognized that the use of a scanner will be uncomfortable.

“Yes, it looks horrible,” writes ErictheRedding. “Just try to take in hand iPhone and put it place your index finger above the Apple logo – agrees with him XilentElement. – If this is true, this is terrible location for Touch ID, even worse than the Galaxy S8, I think”.

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Not remained aloof and iPhone users, long used Touch ID.

“I’ll say it again. I just hate this design. Don’t know how many times a day I have to unlock the phone when it is in my car or on my Desk, in bed or laptop. This is a big mistake to sacrifice the front-facing fingerprint scanner for more delicate framework,” writes nsaneNinja.

Some wondered why Apple has not included a fingerprint sensor in the logo. Others expressed the hope that the hole in the lid of the iPhone 8 might be intended for something else, for example for wireless charging.

In fairness it should be noted that there were those who the new location Touch ID had in mind. But there are very few, and mainly, the owners of Android-based smartphones.

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