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Network users are puzzled: what could discuss over dinner Apple and Google?

Around informal meetings of the head of Apple Tim cook and CEO of Google Sandar Pica unfolding spy story in the style of gossip. The leaders of the two largest IT-corporations have a picture at the table during dinner in the restaurant.

Two General Directors photographed in a restaurant in Palo Alto in Silicon valley, California. The pictures posted on his Facebook page, the founder of Zero Labs Amit Pradhan, who was at a table nearby. First, he uploaded two photos of the heads individually, and then added a picture from the streets to dispel possible accusations of “photoshop”.

“They might come up with a plan against trump,” wrote one participant in the debate in the comments. “And Logan,” added another. “Or working on unmanned iPhone,” said another user

He could discuss the cook and Pichai, not seen in a candid barbs in the direction of the “enemy” foods, do you think?

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