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“Network for passports will make Russia a third world country”

The Chairman of profile Committee of the state Duma commented on the draft of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who offers to set the entrance in the social network on the passport. According to officials, thus it is possible to protect children under the age of 14 from the negative effects of the Network. The bill has already been introduced in the state Duma.

According to Leonid, Lavia, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communication, realization of ideas Milonov that when registering online you will need to present a passport, will lead to that Russia will become a third world country from the point of view of human rights and regulation in the Network.

“Today Russia is in many respects an example for the protection of the rights of users, our experience carefully studied in the advanced countries and find it quite successful. The implementation of the same initiative, the Deputy Milonova will throw us into a third world country in terms of Internet regulation and protection of the rights of citizens,” said Levin.

As evidenced by a poll conducted just before, 62% of people should find this fact the applause — because the bill is being touted primarily as prohibiting children under 14 years of age use social networks. Namely, this percentage of respondents believe that children need to be protected from the corrupting influence of the Internet.

But the joy of these people will be short-lived. For, according to the same poll, 52% of the citizens firmly reject the registration in social networks on the passport. And it is precisely the desire to take control of the network communication of the total population and is the main aim of the new bill.

Levin stressed that the initiative manorialism from a technical point of view, and would require significant expenditures. The MP recalled that in Russia and so enough restrictions that help to protect children from information that can harm them. Thought Milanova, social networking can be registered only upon reaching the age of 14.

“It is necessary not to produce new laws, but to improve the performance of existing ones. It is worth mentioning that access to the Network to date and so is using data from citizen — concluded Levin.”

Agree with him the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev: “Milon could say anything, it is his right as a person, but this is absolutely absurd and meaningless initiative, which certainly will not find any support in the Duma. This “sur” is already beyond common sense.”

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