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NetMarketShare: Microsoft will take 15 years to put all users on Windows 10

The rate which applies to Windows 10 significantly slowed down. This is because the operating system ceased to be free. According to analysts NetMarketShare, the current dynamics of “a dozen” may be at each computer for at least 15 years.

In June 2017 Windows 10 was installed by 26.8% of desktops and laptops on a global scale against 26,78% a month earlier, according to Dailycomm. The most popular software platform is still Windows 7, which share for the month decreased from 49.46% to from 49.04%. Three leaders closes again Windows XP, which by the end of the first summer month ahead of Windows 8.1 (indicators of the presence of these wasps to 6.94% and 6.4%, respectively). NetMarketShare takes into consideration the data of 160 million users worldwide, viewing more than 40 000 websites.

Currently, the share of Windows 10 increases by about 4.5% per year. In this case, the product can cover the whole market of computer OS more than 15 years. During the free installation period of Windows 10 for users of Windows 7 and 8.1 the popularity of the product grew approximately 16% per year, and at this rate Windows 10 would be absolutely dominant for 4-5 years.

After a lack of success of Windows 8 release, Microsoft wanted to prove their ability to create a comfortable competitive operating system. Despite all the efforts to promote the new product, the software giant admitted that not be able to perform previously set a goal to reach 1 billion devices based on Windows 10 by mid-2018.

At the same time, Microsoft previously claimed that by November 2016, Windows 10 has become the most popular OS for desktop computers with a share of 46%. Indicators Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, according to the company, was then equal to 39% and 13%, respectively.

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All versions of Windows together control 91,32% of the world market of desktop software platforms. The share of macOS is of 7.02%, Linux – 1,66%.

According to the service StatCounter, taking into account more than 15 billion hits to the web pages on 3 million sites in June 2017 Windows took almost 84.3% of the market against 11.6% in macOS and 1.74% in Linux.

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