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Nest has introduced a “smart” camera to monitor the area the home Nest Outdoor Cam [video]

Nest, the company introduced “smart” camera designed to monitor the surroundings of the house. The novelty has received name Nest Cam Outdoor.

Cam Outdoor company specializing in the development of devices for smart homes, in many respects similar to the one presented about a year ago camera Indoor Cam. The only difference is that the new model is designed to monitor the area around the house, not inside it. The key difference of the model is protected from dust and moisture.

Outdoor surveillance camera has a lens with a review of 130 degrees, a speaker, a microphone, and physical activity. Outdoor Nest Cam allows you to shoot Full HD at 30 fps and can operate in the dark. The manufacturer emphasizes ease of camera installation.

Nest Cam Outdoor can be installed near the entrance to the house. The camera is connected to the mains with the help of standard cable, and can transmit images to your smartphone or tablet owner using the mobile app. If the camera view appears, it sends a notification to the gadget. To this end, it offers wireless connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 n and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. The landlord can apply to the visitor via the built-in speaker.

Taking pre-orders on Nest Cam Outdoor has started, and delivery the manufacturer promises to begin in the fall. As a home camera Nest, the new model will cost $199. A monthly subscription to the premium version of the mobile application will cost $10.

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