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Need For Speed: No Limits – race season

About six months ago in the form of “soft start” in App Store appeared first standalone NFS for mobile – No Limits. The event as a landmark, and so strange: those who played, cursed the race for arcade controls, lack of modes and the limited number of cars. Now the game finally made it to a full release version; occupied the Central dice in the App Store and actively collects feedback from critical to quite supportive. Oddly enough, No Limits and deserves.

The story is simple – you promising racer, proving the local automotove, what not a camel. Ways to get the reputation of a few – to participate in underground races or the official Manaserian – where you have to drive on one machine and not gestiti. Then the list will be added online tournaments, but this will come later – when your reputation level will reach 15 numbers.
“Underground” is convenient because practically nothing requires the entry threshold low, and each ends be sure to check winnings and some waif for the machine. In the “underground” each Chapter ends with a boss battle – local autochrom, which must be overcome for considerable reward. Besides, to race with other racers more interesting – the races refresh police patrols, or, for example, the need to deliver (most likely stolen) cars as fast as possible without demolishing it. In the “underground”, in the end, nobody specifies, what to drive.

In Manaserian different: taking, say, a Subaru, all the way you will hold on Subaru – and nothing else. But you can earn more and win something truly valuable – for example, a new car. However, the winning pace in monoserii sooner or later will break the technical threshold – your machine does not meet the requirements for the next arrival.

Technical power of machines – generally a litmus test of your entire fleet. For this average of you will provide your Volkswagen Golf with many new parts. Otherwise you will not be allowed on, and without that, there will be no progress and without progress – do not give and ride.
Spare parts can be extracted by different methods: either fill in the race or buy in containers. Directly can be bought only on the black market, but there is a limited range and, moreover, unbelievable prices. Unfortunately, both the working method with the flaws: in “underground” races details are given randomly (and instead cherished the springs for the nitro, you will be a little bit of money), and a container can be anything and this anything can be do not need.

The easiest method of course, to buy gold containers, which will necessarily be rare. But they are given out by individual currencies, which is hard to earn gold ingots. Of course, here comes into play what we are all used to seeing in mobile projects EA – the need to pay. It is possible to twist and to save a penny, but in the end still kiss – or buy the ingots for money, or go on a walk.

As the race No Limits – very simple arcade game, a bit more difficult of a game like “Asphalt”. The car drives itself, you just turn around, pressing your finger on the screen. There is the nitro to activate it, you need to strike the finger forward. To “fell sideways” is to strike your finger back. There is a damage system, but to bring the car to unfitness, should really, really try – to collect all the posts and surrounding the sedans. That’s wisdom.

The tracks are very short, rare race takes more than a minute; sometimes download of arrival lasts longer than the actual race. Perhaps it is good – a short session, but the operation of the machine frustrating. This is a serious disadvantage not only No Limits but mobile and of racing in General: the gameplay is very unassuming, as if designed for mentally handicapped. Something might be done; Gran Turismo level one doesn’t expect, but the quality of the console NFS on mobile is severely lacking.

Obviously No Limits to augment: to increase the seriousness of online tournaments (right now it’s a side thing), tuning (there are but few), to expand the fleet (cars a lot, but normal) and to invent some things like the tournament with Snoop Dogg. But the underlying, incurable disease is clear now. The main problem of No Limits – it is hard to call full-race; racing 16-bit consoles had more depth than here. Who raskatannoe sports car, will come to the finish line first. Heavy, material world.

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