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NBA basketball player claims that he injured his hand due to the large display of iPhone 6 Plus

Basketball club San Antonio spurs, Matthew Robert Bonner claims that hurt your hand using iPhone 6 Plus. According to the athlete, illness he developed after he bought a new Apple smartphone with a large display.

Matt Bonner argues that for several months suffering from a condition known as “tennis elbow”. This name was applied due to the fact that it was first described in 1882 by Dr. Morris on the example of the tennis player. And now many tennis players, both professionals and Amateurs, this disease does not give the opportunity to continue to do what he likes.

“Tennis elbow” often develops in those who in their productive or sports activities makes the same type of repetitive motion at the elbow (extension and flexion of the forearm). This pianists, bricklayers, painters and carpenters, farriers, massage therapists, arm wrestling wrestlers and golfers. As a result of these constant movements occur microfractures tendons, which extensor muscles of the forearm are attached to the humerus. For all joint problems characterized by constant pain, aggravated by certain types of movements, and, respectively, insomnia, deterioration of General condition, decreased motor activity.

“When they released the new iPhone, it was much more than the previous one, and I think since I bought this phone, and use them quite problematic – you have to constantly reach out a finger to the buttons – I think that’s why it earned itself a disease,” said basketball player.

Just for a career, Matt Bonner held in more than 600 NBA games, playing an average of about 18 minutes per game and gaining 6.5 points. Known for his ability to throw from behind the three-point arc, in the season 2010/11 was the leader of the NBA by percentage of three-point shots with a rate of 45.7%.

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