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Navigation with augmented reality: cool examples of apps created using ARKit in iOS 11

Not to say that augmented reality to date has been good; many applications use it, was quite imperfect, and even irritated, however, it is quite natural for a relatively new technology. Apple with its own project ARKit brought augmented reality to a whole new level.

Augmented reality is when real world added imaginary objects. The most famous example – the Pokémon Go. Her pokemon “existed” in our world, when seen through the camera of your smartphone.

But Pokémon Go sophomoric in comparison with what developers can do for iOS 11. At the conference for developers Apple showed how difficult it could be technology. But when the developers got their hands on ARKit, you can see other examples — one other cooler.

ARKit + CoreLocation, part 2

— Andrew Hart (@AndrewProjDent) 21 Jul 2017

In one of the last developers have demonstrated the ability to navigate through terrain using the augmented reality. It looks like this. You launch maps in iOS 11 and see them blue dot. Specify the address and the app plots a route. Next you need to click “View in AR” to cause the locator and the camera image.

Thanks to the development of Apple quality and build augmented reality does not depend on the angle at which the user is holding the iPhone. You can tilt the device to move in different directions – the route will lead you to the right land in the right direction.

ARKit + CoreLocation

— Andrew Hart (@AndrewProjDent) 17 Jul 2017

Second example: the definition of objects on the ground. You are simply having a camera in front of him, and on the screen of the smartphone appear the names of institutions and geographic features. Clicking on any of the icons, you get a sign with a description and approximate time walking to it and clicking on the sign – detailed information with phone numbers and a proposal to pave the route map.

I don’t know how this will be useful in practice, but looks very promising and almost fascinating.

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