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National search engine “Sputnik” has announced a desktop browser

State search engine “Sputnik” wants to oust Google: by the end of the summer, the Russian firm will release its own desktop browser. Previously, the company released a proprietary browser for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The rest of the summer public Internet search engine “Sputnik” will launch its own web browser. About it on July 7 said the Director of product development “Sputnik” Mikhail Kozlov in the forum with the participation of BRICS and the SCO, reports TASS. We are talking about the browser for personal computers with Windows operating system, the version for OS X will appear later.

Features browser “Satellite” — its security system, which now works on other products, children mode (activated by pressing a button in the browser interface), access to useful services like search of pharmacies and medicines and the repertoire of “My home”. The new service will also be standard for browsers options — search, bookmark, reminder system, etc.

In early June, “Satellite” released working on the same principles mobile browser. He scored more than 50 000 units, leads internal data representative of “Satellite”. For comparison, the most popular in Russia the app from the social network “Vkontakte” — set of 50 to 100 million times, this statistic from mobile Google Play store.

Develop a range of browsers began immediately after the launch of the beta version of “Satellite”, i.e. at the end of may 2014. First launched product development for smartphones, then tablets. Simultaneously and work on the browser for personal computers. Investment in the creation of browsers “Satellite” does not open.

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Security system, about which the representatives of the “Satellite” tell as a competitive advantage, protects users from spam, viruses, phishing (obtaining access to confidential data, such as the combination of “username/password”) and other types of fraud, as well as from “dangerous and forbidden content — pornography, propaganda of drugs, suicide, extremism. When you activate kids mode appear in the browser services tips and typos, and the search string will automatically switch to the search engine “Sputnik.The children”.

“Rostelecom” has launched a national search engine “Sputnik” in may 2014. A year later, the attendance of a search engine is about 100,000 people per month.

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