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NASCAR Heat Mobile real rally

Despite the apparent boredom and academic, a NASCAR race – a race full of adrenaline, where gravity “Formula 1” is successfully combined with the swagger what a “Autobaun”. Judge for yourself: forty-machines for small, in General the track, raced with terrible speed; how not to be trouble. The trouble, however, was for a long time with games on the “NASCAR” – or not released anything, or some kind of transcendent murk with unofficial cars. But recently, the company 704 Games Company signed a partnership agreement with the leadership of the League, and since then, churning out game – first for large platforms, and now is the turn to smartphones.

The first thing that pleases in NASCAR Heat Mobile licenses. It not only has trails and a normal car (swung a Toyota Camry!), but the sponsors, and even the pilots. So if you have some idea of who Danny Hamlin or Jimmy Johnson, then the game will enjoy. Least because never before in mobile the old man Jimmy was not.

But do not think like Heat Mobile will be of interest only to fans. Not at all. This is a very good car simulator with lots of nuances and arcade free. You start in a column other restless rolliston, and begins: machines scurrying to and fro, you go into the inner circle overtake a couple, go out in the outside, there you are cut, you enter the ass, what-tol man, losing control and collect a good jam. Well, I just pulled out ahead and keep the lead long four laps.

Operate the racing shell in the game is easy enough to turn around, yeah try not to fly beyond the track (the speed drops just creepy). But this does not mean that Heat Mobile primitive – nothing like that. Click the beak here we slightly gape as physics will immediately spit you in the bump. Therefore, constantly keep your finger on the pulse, especially when you enter the drift is an essential element for any pilot.

In the race makes itself known, another interesting feature of NASCAR is the first place no one is asking you. Strictly speaking, it is even allowed to finish in the third ten – at least at first. Everything is fair: you have just joined in the racing sport, and it is foolish to expect a triumphant races. Will drive to the finish line 31st, passing ahead of rivals eight times (four on the top and bottom sides), attains an average speed of 185 kmh and keep their well-deserved three stars.

Between races Heat Mobile has to play in a hybrid rally Manager and the farm, but it is better not to do – to fully equip a Fan Zone, you need either lots of money or patience. However, the technical part can not run, do not forget about upgrades. New engine, suspension and manipulation of the vehicle on demoscene ensure victory no less (if not more) than your driving on the track.

The original NASCAR Heat Mobile does not cost any money, but then you know at some point they will need (especially if you Wake up inside a great Builder of racing empires). Then, as they say, has two sides to it: you can tear veins and to save on everything, and you can just hammer your credit card details. Why would you decide for yourself – some time, the Heat Mobile, you will definitely have fun.

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