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Nano-polymer Nanotips allows you to use iPhone and Apple Watch with the gloves on

The touch screens of smartphones, smart watches and tablets suffer from one unpleasant disadvantage. It’s impossible to work in winter gloves. Engineer has developed a special liquid polymer, which is able to solve this problem. A substance called Nanotips turns any glove into an accessory to interact with touch screen mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, screens, ATMs, etc.

The idea of development is owned by the canadian experts from the company’s Vancouver. The liquid needs to be applied to the gloves fingers and then blow dry. Nanotips penetrates into the fibers of the fabric and provides conduction of electrical signals from the fingers to the screen. The developer has successfully tested dozens of couples – from the most subtle to the winter sports and working nitrile gloves.

The substance resembles the usual female Lac. The advantages of the liquid before special gloves to operate the touch screens that lose their properties after a certain period of time, while the liquid can be applied several times, say the developers. Three drops Nanotips enough for intensive use gloves with your iPhone from one week to one month.

Even if the gloves get wet, the properties of the Nanotips will not disappear, so they can be washed and play in the snow. For bright things, fabric which can change color, developed a special version of the solution Nanotips Blue.

To buy Nanotips “Leathers and Rubbers and For Fabrics and Fleeces” for leather and fabric gloves respectively on the manufacturer’s website and costs $ 20.

A similar substance created and MediaGloves, a Russian startup that started selling a special impregnation for gloves that allow the use of gadgets in the cold. Reused substance — 0,5—1 ml on one finger — it is necessary after washing or gloves after they have soaked. MediaGloves is suitable for most synthetic and natural fabrics, including leather. The tool less effective for gloves made of water repellent matter and treated with hydrophobic impregnations.

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