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Named the main innovation of Apple. And it’s not a new MacBook Pro

It is believed that innovation of Apple is distributed primarily in high technology products – smartphones, computers, Internet services. In fact, the advanced ideas involved in all spheres of activities of the company, including financial.

Last week, Apple came under heavy criticism after New Zealand authorities found that the company almost does not pay taxes in the country. Over the past 10 years, the iPhone maker sold of goods and services by nearly $3 billion, and taxes paid only about $26 million, it Turns out that the effective tax rate for Apple in New Zealand made up less than 1% that angered politicians. The authorities recognize that the Americans acted within the law: taxes are paid, but not in New Zealand, and in Australia.

“I really like Apple products, it is truly innovative. But it seems that the tax Department where innovative than others”, – said the representative of the green Party’s James Shaw.

Actually Apple is acting strictly within the law and simply moved the bulk of the tax burden in Australia. The representative of the workers ‘ party Deborah Russell characterizes it this way: “they work absolutely legally, but the age-old difference between legality and morality”.

Apple charges retorted what is an American company, and since the “products and services are created in the United States, there is paid most of the taxes”.

This, of course, wrong. Searching for the ideal model of tax optimization for Apple is one of the main challenges in foreign markets. New Zealand a similar problem exists in the EU, where Apple pays all the taxes in Ireland, causing the indignation of the authorities of the other countries. Losses from tax feints American company the EU are estimated at $13 billion.

Britain and Italy have repeatedly pointed out the need to stop the practice of selling goods in one country and paying taxes in another. This leads to “tax havens” like Ireland and Australia, which the government sets low rate for multinational corporations and receive income due to other countries.

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