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Named the bad Apple. And it’s not an iPhone 5c

02.07.2017 0 Comments

American experts in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone have conducted the analysis of the success of each released on the market model called the worst smartphone of Apple.

Named the bad Apple. And it's not an iPhone 5c

Contrary to assumptions, the most unsuccessful from the point of view of market indicators refused not the plastic iPhone 5c. The worst financial year for the company was the iPhone 5, which was introduced in 2012.

The new larger 4-inch screen instead of 3.5-inch predecessor. However, in the day of the premiere devices, Apple shares have grown in value only one percent that became the worst result for many years.

iPhone 5 failed to bring the company a big profit after a year of sales. Among the main disadvantages of the model called the brand new Apple maps that come with the device on the market. They had a lot of bugs and errors, and three-dimensional coating Ostello much to be desired.

Named the bad Apple. And it's not an iPhone 5c

Another disadvantage of iPhone 5 dock connector is a new type of Lightning, which caused a lot of complaints from Apple fans. The owners of “Apple” smartphones are accustomed to the versatility of the products. As a result, they had to buy adapters for vehicles and modules to connect to all possible devices.

With the release of iPhone 5 Apple has increased the display, and many apps were not optimized. Due to the fact that the company was keeping the parameters of the machine in the strictest confidence, application developers simply do not have time to quickly alter the screen under the “five”.

Named the bad Apple. And it's not an iPhone 5c

Also Apple switched to the nano SIM card – new ultra-compact version of SIM-cards. The iPhone 5 had to go to the other “Sims”, as it was after the release of the iPhone 4 with micro-SIM slot.

Finally, another drawback of the iPhone 5 – a controversial design. The rejection of the glass back panel and thickness reduction of the front has forced Apple to change the design of the metal rim, surrounding a smartphone from the end. Its edges are made beveled. And although it looks great on the black instances of the smartphone in these places the coating had come off, exposing the silver aluminum.

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