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Named the 5 main advantages of Samsung Galaxy S8 on the iPhone 8

Samsung always focuses on the hardware of their devices, and the upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 will probably be one that combines all latest achievements in the industry. There will be a waterproof case and the scanner of the iris, and “smart” stylus. According to the columnist BGR Zach Apsana, compare a hypothetical new Samsung not less than the hypothetical Apple flagship, there are at least five items on which Galaxy S8 will beat the iPhone 8. MacDigger offers to see the list.

Scanner iris

Galaxy S8 will come with a iris scanner eye, first implemented in the Galaxy Note 7. To unlock your gadget it will be enough to bring at a distance of 25-30 cm-to-face and look at the two circles at the top of the screen. The red light indicates the scanner work. If it fails, you can enter a regular pattern.

This technology provides 1000 times higher accuracy than the fingerprint scanner used in iPhone. Apple, according to rumors, does not consider it appropriate to introduce iris scanner in its current form and working on improving it.

The ability to turn a smartphone into a PC

The network is actively discussing plans to give the Samsung Galaxy S8 special mode works similar to the Microsoft Continuum. In particular, along with the smartphone will be released a docking station that will transform the phone into a full-fledged computer. Connecting to the dock the monitor, keyboard and other peripherals, you can continue to work with documents or a prolonged chat. The accessory will be called DeX.

A high-performance Beast Mode

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Control modes the performance is not on any iPhone. The Galaxy S7 is already available modes are “Game” and “High performance”, and they will probably join the third Beast Mode (“Beast mode”). These functions will directly affect not only performance, but battery life of smartphone.

Given the rumors that Samsung simultaneously Galaxy S8 will also release the Gear VR headset 2 and will do even greater emphasis on virtual reality, it is quite justified. Users of VR will be to choose the mode of maximum performance, others will be able to extend the time of operation of the apparatus, setting a lower frequency.

A microSD card

Also, like its predecessor, the future flagship of Samsung will get the support of microSD memory cards that will encourage the exchange of data using your computer, making it faster and more productive. In addition, if necessary, available capacity gigabytes expands, opening up more possibilities for storage of necessary information. It is expected that the maximum amount of cards is 2 TB.

3.5 mm audio Jack

Samsung is in no hurry to abandon the standard headphone Jack.

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