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Named the 10 most anticipated features in iOS 10

Before the annual conference for Apple developers there is not much time. It is expected that at WWDC in June, the company will show the public the iOS 10, update OS X 10.12 and share fresh ideas to improve their software products.

Many are wondering what new abilities will have the operating system iOS 10. It is known that the release will be focused not only on getting rid of bugs, optimization of basic components, improving the stability and acceleration performance, but also on attracting new functions. MacDigger offers to get acquainted with the features that are most expected in iOS 10.

Improved split mode

In iOS 9, the user can open two apps simultaneously on the iPad, separating the working area of the screen into two parts. The feature is useful, but the owners of iOS devices also like to use it in one application, for example to open multiple tabs in a browser or multiple documents in a text editor.

Another useful innovation would be the ability to automatically open links from any application in a separate Safari window.

Quick view

IOS users waiting for the feature QuickLook preview of OS X. the Latter allows you to see the contents of any file without having to launch a separate app.

The ⌘key

The Command button on the virtual keyboard iPhone and iPad will allow developers to implement new features and shortcuts that simplify the interaction with the gadgets.

Drag & Drop

It would be logical to give iOS users the ability to drag objects in multitasking from one window to another.

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Mobile Xcode

Mobile Xcode programmers can develop applications, debug and testing directly from your tablet or smartphone.

A single platform for iOS and OS X

OS X can die under the onslaught of iOS, and Apple needs to solve this problem by creating a unified platform for software development. This does not mean that the user can run mobile applications on OS X and Vice versa. It is necessary to make the development process were the same and uniform concept for both iOS and for OS X.

iBooks Author

The iBooks Author app for OS X would fit perfectly in iOS. It will allow authors to use the iPad as a tool for writing, editing and publishing their own digital books.

Access to the file system

Users want to access file system of iPhone and iPad in order to interact effectively with their own content, distribute it in folders, to manage external storage devices that support Lightning interface. Would not hurt expanded support for USB devices.

App OS X iOS

The iPhone and iPad owners want access to TextEdit, Automator, Font Book, Disk utility, keychain access and other native OS X apps on their devices for text editing, creating custom scripts to automate the operating system, manage a list of usernames and passwords.

Recovery mode without iTunes

At the moment the last reason that iOS devices remain tied to the PC to reinstall the operating system. Network download and recovery mode OS through the Internet would completely solve the problem. Similar to the functionality Apple has introduced in OS X.

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And what new features would you like to see in iOS 10?

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