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Named operator with the lowest prices on roaming

The lowest prices for roaming, including voice and mobile Internet, offers the operator “Beeline”, the highest — MTS. It is reported by Rbc with reference to the study Content Review.

The cost of roaming when traveling Russians abroad — the subject of constant disputes between operators and subscribers, telecommunications companies and representatives of the FAS. Information-analytical Agency Content Review examined the rates and offer additional options Russian operators “the big three” for Russians to visit in the countries of the Customs Union and Europe. The Agency researched suggestions MegaFon, MTS and Beeline in 21 countries.

On set of calculations, the available base fares (without activation of additional options) offers a “Beeline”. In 20 of 21 countries the cost of the proposals in the roaming operator in a fraction of both competitors. The biggest difference between the “Beeline” and “MegaFon”, MTS is visible, for example, in India, Georgia and Azerbaijan. In a winning price range “Beeline” is due to low compared to the other operators the cost of mobile Internet.

According to the representative of “Beeline” Anna Abashevo, the company has been consistently reducing the cost of roaming services for its customers for several years.

“In most countries, popular among Russian tourists, “Beeline” is the lowest among Russian operators rates for mobile Internet — $ 5 per megabyte for all categories of customers [when you first access the Internet, the client receives the packet 40 MB for 200 rubles per day],” says Imasheva. She clarifies that we are talking about the base rate, i.e. the subscribers of “Beeline” there is no need to connect any additional options.

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The highest basic rates (cost of voice communication, sms and mobile Internet), according to experts, offers MTS — it was the most expensive in 19 countries out of 21. However, in connection with the special roaming options the situation is changing: in the light of the MTS more expensive competitors only in 12 countries. The representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov did not agree with the results of the study, adding that the company allows “free incoming calls” option Zero without borders”) and offers “available packages of Internet traffic”.

The dependence of prices on roaming from currency fluctuations in the study Content Review also reflected: from 52% of the income from the provision of roaming services account for payments to partners in other countries.

MegaFon was the most affordable by the operator at base rates only on traditional services (voice and messaging), concluded analysts Content Review. For this indicator, MegaFon shines in 20 countries included in the study.

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