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Named function, which is not enough iCloud photo Library on iPhone and iPad

Store photos and videos in the cloud iCloud photo library allows you to view the footage on any compatible device without having to worry about copying files on the physical media. But Apple is not perfect in some aspects, and companies have something to learn from competitors.

It comes to clean memory on devices, like Google Photos. When you need more space in local storage iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the Apple Photos app can delete entire photos, which were uploaded to the cloud. This feature works well, especially on devices with more memory. But it has one drawback.

Cleaning photo and video is running in automatic mode, and its operation is controlled by the algorithms of the iOS and OS X that don’t always do it at the right time. In turn, the free Google Photo takes a different approach, allowing the button to “Free space” to securely erase all photos and videos that are already uploaded to the cloud. In iOS you can delete all downloaded songs and movies from apps Music and Videos but such action is impossible for photos and videos in the Photos app.

Zac Hall from 9to5Mac gives the example of a real scenario in which the library iCloud needed a button for clearing space a La Google Photo. The journalist uses a 128-Gigabyte iPhone 6s with a good camera and support for recording 4K video and the iPad at 32 GB, which is a great tool for video editing. At CES the journalist had to pass a small 4K video from iPhone to iPad using AirDrop, but he failed because of the lack of space on the tablet. The Photos took a huge amount of space with the feature space optimization.

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All photos and videos stored on iPad and home Mac. Both devices were synchronized with the iCloud library. Therefore, the Lobby had to turn off iCloud on iPad to free up space on your tablet. If Apple provided a function of deleting the downloaded files from the device how to Google Photos, then the simplest operation would not have spent so much time.

Do you use the iCloud photo library? Which function are you missing?

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