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Named five above Apple that forcing people to buy a new iPhone

According to the research company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was more popular than its predecessors iPhone 6s/6s Plus for the first month of sales. This means that by now many people have got new models. However, there is a high probability that users are misled. Resource Hongkiat identified five techniques that actively practicum Apple to reach high sales of the iPhone.

1. Apps that do not set most people

What users are doing with the iPhone: send SMS, call, communicate in social networks, play games, take pictures. If you are a professional photographer, you don’t care how much improved camera, says the author. So why do you need the best performance? To install more apps? The numbers say otherwise.

The average American does not load on iPhone any applications. Only 7% of smartphone owners download more than five apps per month. It’s the people who spend so much time that I forgot how to communicate with other people. And for the rest do not need any other applications. And since we don’t need apps, we don’t need a phone with 10% gain of productivity, or Apple offers a status icon for a few hundred dollars. So when you ask yourself: “do I Really need a new phone just because you can buy it, the answer is almost always no,” the author concludes.

2. Creating an artificial shortage

Last year, Apple experienced a shortage of iPhone 6s in gold casing. What lesson made by Apple? In August 2014 the company has any real complexity in production and users are beginning to wonder, will the pending release of the new iPhone, according to the resource. When one of the largest companies in the world is faced with downtime, a month before the release of a new product, it is cause for concern. However, the production problem did not affect the launch of the iPhone 7. However, users were expecting a deficit of devices. For what purpose this was done, says the author? Research suggests that consumers love exclusivity more than the actual products. People are willing to fight to buy products that other users.

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When it became clear that China will get the new iPhone for a week later than the rest of the world, people lined up to buy the iPhone on the black market with a huge margin. Customs confiscated thousands of iPhone, that people were hiding in everything from boxes of chocolates to their underwear.

3. Promotion of iPhone using stars

Apple often invites celebrities to shoot in advertising their smartphones. At the presentation of the iPhone 7 in September, sang the singer SIA, and the event dedicated to the announcement of the iPhone 6, attended the Irish rock band U2, then Tim cook announced that every iTunes user would receive a gift of a new album, “Songs of Innocence” totally free. According to some, a gesture Apple has cost American companies at least $100 million.

4. Tricks with photography, which make the iPhone 7 thinner

Journalists suspected the Apple that it is misleading potential buyers of the iPhone 7. The fact that some commercials are absent one controversial element of the design.

Apple has always boasted about the thickness of their smartphones and, whenever possible, tries to mention this fact. This option is for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is 7.1 and 7.3 mm, respectively. However, the company forgets to designate acting ring main camera. When calculating the thickness of the gadgets it has also not taken into account.

On some promotional posters Apple refers to the protrusion of the camera iPhone 7, however, where smart phones are shown in profile, in order to emphasize their streamlined contours and a slim body, this design element is missing. Omission or deliberate distortion of the facts? Journalists call this exaggerated.

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First the protruding camera module has caused complaints among users iPhone 6 two years ago. The iPhone 7, he was even bigger, but changed shape and became more sloping.

5. iPhone begin to “slow down” in anticipation of the release of new models

The researchers found that in anticipation of the release of the new iPhone owners are “Apple” smartphone often complain that the device begin to work slower. After analyzing the queries “iPhone slow” (iPhone is slow) with the help of Google Trends, showing search trends on the Internet, the researchers found their spikes just before the release of the next-generation iPhone.

There is a “conspiracy theory”, according to which the slowing of the iPhone and iPad could be a deliberate move by Apple, designed to increase sales of new gadgets. Although good evidence in favor of no. A more likely cause is human psychology. The user may feel that the smartphone works fine as long as the word gets out about the new release of the device. Such information is likely to cause a person to think about what his smartphone, perhaps is not so good.

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