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Named another reason for buying a “gray” iPhone 7 in Russia

The iPhone 7 should look to the models supplied by unofficial from China, Japan or the United States. To such conclusions analysts “Vedomosti” on the basis of the report of the company Cellular Insights.

Previously, the research firm published the results of the comparison by the reception level signal of two models of iPhone 7 c different types of modems – Intel and Qualcomm. Modems from Intel, Apple began to incorporate into their smartphones for the first time.

For the study used two iPhone 7 Plus is sold in American stores, and special equipment manufactured by Rohde & Schwarz which allows to measure data transfer speed on a completely clean channel with a strong signal and weakening the signal interference.

In ideal conditions, the data transfer rate on both versions of the iPhone 7 Plus were the same. However, if loss of signal strength in terms of models, there was a gap. And the worse the signal, the larger the gap. In poor signal instance with the faster Intel begins to reduce the amount of useful transmission unit is explained in the study. With good signal in both models the results were the same, and at worst you have a system with Intel speed was less. The average data transfer speed at 30% less speed, which shows the model with the Qualcomm chips.

iPhone 7 with Qualcomm modems, say the experts, are supplied to USA, Japan and China. In the US they are sold by operators Verizon and Sprint, and is not tied to the network of any operators. In all other countries (particularly in Russia) and USA networks AT&T and T-Mobile sold devices with Intel chips.

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What is the reason for the geographical spread of the iPhone, it is not clear, but experts in its report expressed the hope that we are talking about software crashing and the manufacturer can eliminate mistakes.

Tests showed that those frequencies that are mainly used in Russia, at levels of less than -120 decibels-milliwatt (dBm) power the unit on Intel provides the speed of about 5 Mbps, while at Qualcomm for more than 25 Mbit/s, explains the analyst of Telecom Daily Ilya Shatilin. In the first case, for example, already there are problems with video streaming, in the second case, no such problems, he said, adding that the measurements occurred in the laboratory.

In reality, the velocities will be lower and at higher signal levels, he said. So, the power of -120 dBm is, e.g., quite characteristic pattern for the frequency range 2600 MHz in the premises, if you move away from the window, puts Shatilin.

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