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Named 7 main drawbacks, which will have to put up a new MacBook Pro

Apple will never stand on ceremony with outdated standards. The MacBook Pro with the advent of Retina-screen time got rid of the FireWire port and optical drive. But with the release of 12-inch MacBook Apple’s desire to get rid of all the “extra” seems to have become an obsession. MacBook Pro 2016, got rid of all the usual ports at once, instead offering four ports, Thunderbolt 3.

This, however, losses are not limited to, Apple even rejected some of the function keys for Touch Bar, a fundamentally new control. It seems that the company forgot that the MacBook Pro is a handy tool.

In the edition of 3dnews, “having studied the opinions of professional users”, called 7 reasons on which the decision about buying the new MacBook Pro is better to postpone.

1. No more MagSafe

I could imagine a MacBook with a touch screen, I had no doubts that the new Pro will get the same keyboard as the 12-inch MacBook. Moreover, I was morally ready to that the MacBook Pro will turn pink. But to predict the rejection of the MagSafe connector, no one dared. It is said that even within the company this provoked considerable conflict. How many times have detachable connector, saving people MacBook from falling. Now to charge it will have a USB. so-So alternative, to be honest.

2. Imaginary universality

Instead of a separate Thunderbolt, HDMI and USB new MacBook Pro lineup offers four (and the youngest model – two) Thunderbolt ports 3 in the form factor of the USB-C. I admit that the monitor that is connected via the adapter is somehow possible to survive. Even the need to purchase separate cables for charging iPhone or iPad can accept. But the rejection of the integrated SD adapter – an extra headache for all who are somehow connected with taking photos or videos. A simple chain of actions “has produced the report, I inserted the card, sent pictures to the editor” becomes an inventive task of medium difficulty level.

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3. The controversial implementation of the Touch Bar

Itself is Touch Bar is a great idea — however, the arguments in favor of some “facilities” are frankly far-fetched. I think that flipping the pictures in the gallery, change the brush size in photoshop or switch between open tabs in your browser with its help it will be convenient, however, the system is predictive in the presence of a full hardware keyboard makes me question the adequacy of the design.

Touch Bar content changes depending on the selected application. And some (or rather many) it does not work. System function tucked away in drop-down menu on the right, which is always visible, but require much fuss. For example, mute now is not one-touch and two.

4. Huge touchpad

Any good idea can be reduced to an absurdity. We’ve always loved MacBooks for a large and comfortable trackpad for convenient scrolling and brilliant implementation of touch gestures. On Windows devices is still not that subtlety, which is on the MacBook since 2009. It all stays in place, but the trackpad, greatly increased in size. For what is unclear. Perhaps Apple thus unifies the manufacturing and uses the same components as in Wireless Trackpad 2015, reducing ultimately their costs?

5. Full not repairable

On a scale of remontoprigoden new MacBook Pro got 1 point out of a possible 10. The company went to it gradually. First, we were deprived of the ability to increase memory by placing the memory chips directly on the motherboard, and now it’s using the SSD, which was formerly made in the form of proprietary but removable module. In the case of a drive failure to replace him will be impossible. According to iFixit, to alter the layout of the internal elements had increased solely for the trackpad.

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6. The mass of the adapter

15-inch MacBook Pro is seriously reduced in size. Up to the present time such changes were perceived strictly positive. But if you look at all this broadly, is just the opposite. Last year’s MacBook Pro 15 were self-sufficient and did not require any adapters, but with the new model, this focus will not pass.
Want to hook up a monitor – take an additional cable. The card reader separately. The USB adapter separately. Complete with all the necessary bells and whistles of the new MacBook will be heavier and will take more space in your bag and a backpack. To do without the use of adapters at the moment it is impossible – well, only if you are using a laptop as a typewriter.

7. Less battery life

The reduction in the thickness of the case did not go unnoticed and for the battery – its capacity is decreased (from 99.5 to 76 W*h the 15-inch MacBook Pro with 74,9 to 54.5 WH 13-inch). And even though Apple claims up to 10 hours of work for the older model, in reality it is less hardy. To 10 hours of battery life, except that reading text from the screen at minimum brightness.

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