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Named 10 things that Galaxy S8 is able to do, and no iPhone

Last month was marked by one important market event, Samsung presented two of its flagship device Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+. Experts long before the announcement of the technical characteristics of new products vying compared them with those that already have the iPhone. But it was all patchy and as a weighty argument against the eternal enemy it was not good, whether the matter now! Edition Trendymen, having the accurate information and reviews the first test, called 10 things which are already implemented in the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+, and for users of the iPhone are not yet available.

1. Iris scanner

More reliable than a fingerprint scanner iris scanner eye in Galaxy Galaxy S8 and the S8+ can be used to unlock the phone and access the protected folders. No one without your knowledge will not get access to the secret. Of course, there is one way, but it is better for him not even to think.

2. Unlock face

Slightly fewer powers in Samsung gave the face recognition function, the main purpose of which is see the quick unlocking device. But purchases Samsung Pay with this method of verification can not be done. And very properly — you never know what friend will want to buy while you sleep.

3. Frameless screen

Just compare the 5.8-inch display Galaxy S8 4.7-inch iPhone 7 or a 6.2-inch screen S8+ with a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

4. Wireless charging

Not until Apple smartphones and such popular features as wireless charging. But the new flagships already can be freely put on the normal charging plate or in a special to charge the battery replenished even faster.

5. 3.5 mm headphone Jack

No one would have thought to make such little things a big advantage, but Apple voluntarily moved to more sophisticated connection method. In Seoul do not have to reinvent the wheel.

6. Payments with standard card readers

Samsung continued the tradition of implementing new devices (pictured last version) allows to make payments via payment terminals for credit cards without using additional funds. For example, a special NFC module as the iPhone.

7. Own for virtual reality devices

Software and fixture for mounting the smartphone as a virtual reality goggles from Oculus are available to anyone who is until April 21 to make a pre-order for Samsung Galaxy S8. Generous offer on the background of selective support for VR headsets with the iPhone.

8. Heart rate monitor on the rear cover

With the Galaxy S8 can measure your heart rate using a special sensor on the back side of the smartphone. Apple these are only on the Apple Watch, but not on the iPhone.

9. To turn a smartphone into a PC

Has additional gadgets and Samsung, for example, a special docking station, through which all manipulations with a smartphone can be done via a desktop version on your computer. This Lite version ON the iPhone is not provided here only possible to display the image from the display of the mobile device to an external screen.

10. Object recognition and information search

Mobile assistant Samsung rooted smart camera feature, which allows you to take photos of real objects and displays thereon information such as a location or point of sale. For Siri this functionality is not yet available.

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