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Named 10 the main advantages of Samsung Galaxy S8 on the iPhone 7

Less than two weeks Samsung will present its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. As at the moment this unit is regarded as the most advanced in the family of the South Korean devices and one of the best in the Android ecosystem, many publications compare with the iPhone 7.

Samsung always focuses on the hardware of their devices, and Galaxy S8 should not be an exception. The device will combine all the latest industry developments. According to journalists BGR, there are at least 10 items on which the device will beat the iPhone 7. MacDigger offers to see the list.


With the release of the flagship this year Samsung intends to keep the recognizable design of its smartphones, giving Galaxy S8 display “edge to edge”, while refusing not only OK, but the logo on the front panel. As a result, Galaxy S8 will only have a small frame at the top and bottom for the earpiece and sensors. Hardly anyone would think to call this a revolutionary decision, but this move will definitely improve the aesthetics of the smartphone and made nervous Jonathan Ive.

The size of the display

The advantages and disadvantages of the technologies AMOLED and LCD, you can talk for a long time. If you leave them aside and consider another important parameter displays that there is, apparently, the South Korean unit will be able to surpass the iPhone 7. We are talking about the ratio of screen area to the area of the front panel. Display Galaxy S8 a diagonal of 5.8 inches will occupy almost the entire front panel, so the manufacturer will be able to fit a larger screen in a relatively compact package.

Display resolution

As for resolution, Galaxy S8 will come. Screen IPS LCD 4.7-inch iPhone 7 has a resolution of 1334 × 750 pixels (326 ppi) and the iPhone 7 Plus – 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi). At the time, like the Galaxy S8 screen made by technology Super AMOLED and will boast higher resolution and pixel density per inch – 2560 × 1440 pixels (506 ppi).

Curved screen

Design — a matter of taste. One like the look of the iPhone, the other Samsung. But the model Galaxy S8 has a very distinctive style. In particular, the signature curved display edge. The design of the iPhone has not changed for several years. The current flagship iPhone 7 is a slim and stylish smartphone with a worldwide recognizable face. Among the design flaws is a relatively thick frame around the screen and wide margins top and bottom, which is 5.5-inch models can not boast of good ergonomics. Thanks to display “edge to edge” Galaxy S8 dimensions will be more compact than the iPhone 7 Plus. Deleting the frame around the screen, Samsung was able to make the device sleeker Apple smartphones.

Scanner iris

Galaxy S8 will receive the scanner of the iris, first implemented in the Galaxy Note 7. To unlock your gadget it will be enough to bring at a distance of 25-30 cm-to-face and look at the two circles at the top of the screen. The red light indicates the scanner work. If it fails, you can enter a regular pattern. This technology provides 1000 times higher accuracy than the fingerprint scanner used in iPhone 7.

The ability to turn a smartphone into a PC

Samsung will give a new special mode works similar to the Microsoft Continuum. In particular, along with the smartphone will be released a docking station that will transform the phone into a full-fledged computer. Connecting to the dock the monitor, keyboard and other peripherals, you can continue to work with documents or a prolonged chat. The accessory will be called DeX.

Advanced manufacturer

The control mode of performance is not on any iPhone. The Galaxy S7 is already available modes are “Game” and “High performance”, and Galaxy S8 will probably join the third Beast Mode (“Beast mode”). These functions will directly affect not only performance, but battery life of smartphone. Given the rumors that Samsung simultaneously Galaxy S8 will also release the Gear VR headset 2 and will do even greater emphasis on virtual reality, it is quite justified.

Fast charging technology

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will get the support fast-charging technology. In the case of current smartphones 10 minutes spent with a power adapter that provide up to 4 hours of battery life. Galaxy S8 will debut even more advanced technology Quick Charge 4.0, providing 5 hours of battery life in 5 minutes connecting to a power source.

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