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Named 10 features iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, borrowed from Android and Microsoft

At the conference, September 9, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro. Appearance, like the names of new products, did not have a revelation for regular readers MacDigger. Devices fully comply with numerous “spy” photos that have leaked onto the Internet before the official release. Gadgets turned out to be more convenient and more functional than their predecessors. Partly for this you can thank Android is the platform Apple has adopted a number of innovations.

Many people complain about Android. This, for example, did Tim cook, CEO of Apple, at the launch of iOS 8 last year. In General: the system does a lot of problems, they mainly relate to security and data fragmentation. Since Android is an open OS, virus software is very simple to gain access to its file system. Besides, after some time, it becomes clogged with debris and begins to slow down. This is similar to Android Windows.

However, the coin has two sides, and Android has a number of features that have long been available to users of Apple gadgets. Platform, despite all its shortcomings, offers the user full access to customize your smartphone or tablet, with each update Google adds more and more useful features in their offspring.

Apple, of course, to win the competition with no intention, therefore, included in the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro are some features of Android. Colleagues from BGR have listed 10 features that Apple borrowed from a Google product.

Dynamic Wallpaper

Dynamic Wallpaper, that started advertising the iPhone is not new. Similar were the “pure” Android, and apps-screensavers with “live Wallpaper” in Google Play – hundreds, if not thousands.

“Live photos”

“Live” photos will not be a surprise for the owners of Android. Animation, which is created from a short movie and demonstrates how photo, already had HTC, Lumia, and other brands, not to mention the hybrid mode in the new compact cameras from Canon, etc.

Power saving mode

Power saving mode the iPhone and iPad, which allows the handset to “live” a few hours at 10-20% of the battery, very much like the Power Saving Mode in the Samsung Galaxy S6. In sverhekonomnoe mode screen Korean moves to display black-and-white image with minimum brightness, and the channels of access overlap. With 100% charged battery gadget can run for up to one week.

More megapixels

The trend toward increasing megapixels characteristic of the Android world. Every new flagship flaunts all high resolution built-in camera. Apple iPhone 6s for the first time since the iPhone 4s went on the improvements. The camera resolution of the flagship increased from 8 to 12 megapixels.

Front facing flash

Another “trick” iPhone 6s – illumination of the screen when shooting selfies. Similar users saw in the budget LG L Fino, which was shown at the last exhibition of consumer electronics and home appliances IFA 2014, and LG G4c and several models of smartphones.

4K video

16-megapixel camera with support for 4K video has become one of the main advantages of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 last year. In 2015, Apple has given the iPhone the ability to record videos with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. However one minute of this video is about 375 MB of device memory. Thus, for shooting content with ultra-high resolution will need the iPhone 6s 64 GB, and better for the 128 GB. Example of recording 4K video on the iPhone 6s camera can be found here.


Employees of Apple tech support confirmed that the amount of RAM the iPhone 6s has doubled. Now for games and applications can take as much as 2 GB of RAM. Apple for the first time since 2012 increases the amount of RAM. While the top-end Android phones already come with 3-4 GB of RAM, the Apple, since the iPhone 5, you used only 1 GB of RAM. At the same time, Apple is famous for the optimization of software and hardware, so iOS 9 will “fly” and with 2 GB and 1 GB RAM.

“Hi, Siri”

(C) the release of the iPhone 6s Apple’s smartphone has learned to accept voice commands of the user at any time. Now the “Hey, Siri” will allow the phone to “listen” and respond to the voice of a man constantly, as do “phones”. Motorola began to use this feature much earlier in smartphones Moto X. Assistant Google Now works in the same way in many modern Android phones.


Apple Pencil, stylus pen for tablet computer iPad Pro hard enough and from the point of view of design and functionality, it is similar to the S-Pen stylus for Android-phablets and Samsung stylus on your Surface. Commenting on the announcement, Apple Pencil marketers Samsung said that the release of the stylus with 2011.

Multiwindow mode

The flagship Samsung smartphone or tablet allow you to work with two programs simultaneously. Thanks to multi-window mode you can, for example, to watch videos and surf the Internet. Feature was introduced on the iPad with the release of iOS 9.

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