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N. N: the App that could save lives

04.11.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

There are times when we find ourselves in difficult or life-threatening situation. Sometimes it is the fault of people we know. For such cases, the project violence “Violence.No” have developed a special app with a panic button.


N. N: the App that could save lives

If you got into trouble, became or may become the victim of domestic violence, feel threatened by a person can’t just leave the alarm button will help you. After pressing, the app will automatically send SMS notification to your friends and family so they could come to your aid. If you have clicked on it by accident, sending a message, you can always cancel within one minute.

N. N: the App that could save lives


When you first start, N. N. offers to get acquainted with a short statement in which, in addition to recommendations to create a password and add phone numbers of Trustees, says the small tricks and gimmicks. For example, to potentially dangerous man saw the victim tries to call for help, she can swipe the screen to the left so that the background has changed to a neutral black.

N. N: the App that could save lives

N. N: the App that could save lives


In addition, if there is a fear that big red button on the screen to notice the source of the threat, to request aid at the stage of entering a pin code. Just type it in reverse order.

In General, the application interface is pretty simple. After entering the password, we get to the main screen where the button is, as well as icons go to the options menu and map the nearest crisis centers.

N. N: the App that could save lives

N. N: the App that could save livesTo configure the program in three paragraphs: the text SMS, phone numbers, and email addresses. Almost each has some limitations. For example, your emergency message can’t contain more than 20 characters, so the developers already entered the final version into the text entry window. And the list of rooms should not exceed 5.

N. N: the App that could save lives

Database of crisis centers is quite impressive. Now it is available to more than 120 cities of Russia. When you select a specific help point, the app will tell you its location, phone number, and time. Also in this section you can find a nationwide telephone hotline.

Despite the fact that initially the program was started for victims of domestic violence, it can help any adult or child who got into a difficult situation on the street, at school, at work or in any other place. Sometimes it is very important to have the ability to quickly and discreetly call for help.

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