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MyBook is the most convenient way to read books

Despite the rapidly dominant media formats and perennial mantra “books-read-all-less,” we’ll tell you about one exciting application that is possible! – will change your idea about reading books. A simple free app good, but they have several disadvantages. Usually they do not have a built-in store (and then you engaged in piracy, what a great sin), or the normal”reader”, or forced to conduct a lengthy manipulations, to take possession of some “Girl on the train”. The MyBook app. Here confesses a radically different approach – you get the analogue portrait Netflix, where everything is fast, convenient and affordable.

MyBook is not a simple eReader, this is a complete service for the delivery of literature in your electronic device. The first thing you will see on the screen – not a boring set (downloaded from somewhere) books, and a full mediavideo: new collections, bestsellers, best books on ratings and views. The design is immediately fascinating. After the frankly obsolete electronic libraries of the eyes rejoices. Immediately can something bring itself into a little list for the future, and before that read the description, look at the rating and admire the cover. In the end, the verdict can endure you, slapped mark on a scale.

Read your book in MyBook divided into several categories. Is the concept of “Want to read” – here you enter what you plan to study in the future.. There is a category of books read by those in the process of reading, And nobody forbids you to quickly move between the three categories and easily transfer books from one cohort to another. Very convenient.

Itself here reader standard (you can change the font and background color, text size and margins), but with a couple interesting finds. First, you can highlight some quotes and keep them in a safe place, and write notes – for example, refinement to any piece of text. Second, with MyBook you can save books in the device cache, and then read quietly without Internet access.. thirdly, your entire library syncs to all of your appliances with your smartphone, tablet, iOS, Android, and computer.To describe this feature, perhaps it makes no sense – and you understand its benefits.

And now the most entertaining. Books MyBook distributed via a subscription model is gaining momentum spent. There is no need to buy each book separately and spend huge money. The basic monthly subscription will cost 229 rubles, and you’ll get a virtual library 85 000книг. A year of use in terms of every month is cheaper – 2290 roubles. Translated into paper books is about five or six cheap copies. For the same money MyBook returns more than 100 000 works of different genres. And then there are premium subscription. It is more expensive at 150 rubles, but you get access to new products of large Russian publishing houses – will be the first to reach the untouched pages. Plus in the premium access part of the business literature on leadership, management, motivation, and other useful skills. On paper each of these books costs from 500 rubles to infinity.

Bonus for those who think that classics should be free. In MyBook live 15 000 “free” books. To read them, no need to pay. In the list of great works written many years ago.The app is, honestly, worth the download at least for this collection.Or – to look like in 2017, the year should be arranged in the modern book service. That’s right: with collections, class design, navigation, ratings and price of 200-300 rubles a month for the right to possessions all this wealth.

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