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“My measurements”: all sizes of clothes in your phone

Have you faced the fact that having to shop for new jeans or t-shirt, couldn’t remember your size? Or when traveling to another country long time looking for suitable clothes for other standards? The app “My size” will help in these situations.

In My sizes”, you can store all sizes of your clothes. Need is to write them down, and they will always be at hand. Depending on sex and age, the program will offer the most popular value. Also have the ability to make clothing sizes relatives, children and friends to give suitable clothes.

You can quickly access the desired size and see it in different measurements: Russian, American, European, Japanese and English. It is very convenient when traveling to other countries and online shopping.

Also can make your size, for example, wristlets, rings, and other melca. Once is enough to record and you can not worry about making mistakes.

“My size” is a convenient tool when going to stores and when shopping abroad. The app costs just 69 rubles.

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