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Music services were again engaged in a battle with Apple

Spotify, Deezer and other companies, creating apps for streaming music, has accused Apple of unfair competition. This was reported by the Financial TImes.

A number of small companies have turned to the regulators of the European Commission to put forward rules that would allow small firms to compete with giants like Apple and Amazon.

Co-founder Daniel Ek of Spotify and Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht appealed to the President of the European Commission with a request to take measures to regulate the prices set by large corporations. Ek and Albrecht believe that large companies use their position and hinder the development of competitors, placing them at a disadvantage. Daniel considers abnormal that Apple will charge Spotify users additional 30% of the cost of the subscription, if they pay for it in the App Store.

Earlier, representatives of Spotify have argued with Apple about the collection of fee and unequal conditions for doing business in comparison with Apple Music. After some time the rules of the App Store has changed a bit. Some developers have started to earn more as an opportunity to reduce the Commission to 15%. This applies only to those whose members pay for services or applications. Ek believes that this is not enough and wants to achieve from the Apple of absolute equality.

It now remains to wait for the reaction of the European Commission. Perhaps due to the persistence of Daniel ECA and Hans-Holger Albrecht, the iPhone maker will have to rethink a system of internal purchases for certain applications.

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