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Music critic about Apple Music: “They give out the beta version for the finished product”

Many owners of iOS devices, I bought the Apple Watch during the free trial period. However, if you believe the analysts, many will refuse to renew the paid subscription. Disgruntled with Apple’s streaming service was music critic Bob Lefsetz, which, according to him, literally hated the brainchild of Apple. “Well how could they make it so bad?!” like raising your hands to the sky, asks Bob.

What could happen in three months that people are so disappointed in him? On the website Lefsetz, he gave a whole rant about their negative experience. According to him, a streaming service from Apple is a beta version that Apple gives to the final product. “They were afraid to be late,” explained Lefsetz. “Will the people pay for Apple Music? I don’t know. But I know that if you’re not first, you have to make it right. As it was with the iPod,” he said.

The critic believes that the launch of Apple Music present in the video made no sense, as the market already have Spotify, which copes with its responsibilities. Besides, the “Apple” analogue broadcasts music in worse quality than the competitor.

“Personally, for me Spotify is the best option. If Apple Music something to be improved… How will I find out? commented Bob. – You know, the first impression is the most important. Those who enjoyed it, have already signed up. But as Apple is going to lure back all of the past, I absolutely don’t understand.”

As stated by Lefsetz, life buoy, which can “pull” Apple Music is the transition to a freemium model. This is the only thing that will cause his word to try the service. Something like Spotify offers. Nevertheless, Lefsetz believes that it may be too late. Competitors are able to offer much higher quality services at a lower price, he said.

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“Apple makes bad Music that’s the important thing… and it plays music, said a critic. – All of these curatorial playlists and other nonsense… Just let me listen to my music. And convenient playlists. More importantly, make a comfortable interface. I abandoned Apple Music. And I know I am not alone”.

It’s been three months since Apple launched Apple Music, and it means that the company began to write off $ 169 on credit card users who agreed to try the service in the first days after launch. Previously, the company did send among the users, warning that the action of the trial period Apple Music complete.

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