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Muscovites will be able to monitor the safety of their apartments with smartphones

“The Moscow city telephone network (MGTS), the operator of a local wired connection, part of the MTS group, announced the launch of the app, which will allow subscribers to view your cameras online from anywhere in the world. The program is compatible with iOS and Android, has received the name of MGTS.MyCam.

For the video, the caller is required to rent or purchase from the operator, the special IP camera support Plug and Play. For their connection is not required to call the professionals — all the settings are simple, and the equipment is prepared for use by the client. Subscribers can install multiple cameras with support for high definition images (720p HD). To activate the service, you need to log in your Personal account subscriber” and register the ID of the camera.

The channels you can watch in real time or recorded. All information is transmitted to servers video surveillance platform MGTS, where it is processed, recorded and stored in video archives. Access to view videos through the mobile app or a web interface after logging in. All data is transmitted in encrypted form, which guarantees the confidentiality of information emphasized in the company.

Service home CCTV available to all subscribers of MGTS, which provides broadband Internet access GPON technology. The cost depends on the chosen tariff plan and consists of payment for the purchase of equipment or its rental and monthly subscription fees. Minimum rental cost of equipment is estimated at 540 per month. Until the end of 2015, the service video will be free and the cost of access to the video archive will be from 200 to 600 roubles a month depending on the storage period (from 7 to 30 days).

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The application MGTS.MyCam is available for free download on iPhone and iPad.

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