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Muscovites can first in the world to go to 5G

The Moscow government is discussing with mobile operators the creation of a consortium for the development of a communication network of the fifth generation (5G). The authorities are ready to ease administrative barriers to 5G deployment, which could cost operators up to $10 billion In commercial exploitation of technology could be launched by 2021.

The Moscow government is discussing with mobile operators the creation of enterprises by type of consortium on the basis of which they will be able to develop a connection 5G, reports “Kommersant”.

“5G will require from the participants of the cellular market fold increase in the number of base stations and a completely different principle of network planning, which would entail large investments. This means that operators, in fact, I have to build a large infrastructure, which is quite hard. Therefore, in order not to deprive the 5G project’s investment attractiveness, we are thinking of pooling the efforts”,— said the head of the Department of information technology (DIT) of Moscow Artem Ermolaev.

DIT will offer operators “creating a unified infrastructure, on the basis of which it would be possible for all operators to develop their network.”

In a meeting with Moscow deputies Ermolaev said that Muscovites can first in the world to go to 5G. In early March the Deputy head of DIT Alexander Gorbatko noted that the installation of base stations 5G in Moscow planned for the coming years. Their placement will use the administrative buildings and lighting poles, public transport, traffic lights etc.

“The support of the authorities of Moscow and other regions is very important for operators, because the placement of communication equipment and supply of electricity often can be solved only together”, – have informed in “the Megaphone”. Tele2 reported that it did not participate in the discussion of this project, but will consider the possibility of joining the consortium. In MTS have informed that do not know about the creation of a consortium 5G. In the “Beeline” from comments have refused.

“MegaFon” and MTS have already tested 5G. In addition, the operators signed a number of agreements in this field with equipment manufacturers 5G: MTS — Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia, “Beeline” with Huawei, MegaFon — Huawei and Nokia, Tele2 — Nokia.

5G will allow you to send network video ultra high definition (4K, 8K), image virtual and augmented reality, holograms, to ensure reliable remote control cars, drones and other devices connected to the network the many devices of the segment “Internet of things”, said Huawei. 5G smartphones will appear a few years later, the company said. “In addition to the requirements memory, a great download speed also significantly increases the demands on the battery capacity of the subscriber device, which is also the reason for the later emergence of 5G smartphones,” explains Huawei.

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