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Muscovite calculated the robbers who had stolen an iPhone 6, according to their subscriptions in a social network “Vkontakte”

An unusual incident occurred with one of the students in Moscow – he found the attackers who stole his iPhone 6, according to their subscriptions in a social network “Vkontakte”. About the details of the curious history reports LifeNews.

19-year-old student of mine, Michael Quack returning late at night from the event and one of the capital’s streets had a conversation with two random guys. During the conversation, Michael saw on the splash screen phone one of the new people photo of an unknown girl very similar to his girlfriend, and he had mentioned it.

To confirm the similarity of the girls, a student with a new buddy and opened his page in the “VK”, passed in to your account, showed photos and along the way have a subscription on behalf of the young person. Then Michael didn’t know what an important role she will play this subscription.

During the conversation one of the young men asked the student his phone to log in to your istranicu, because the mobile device is discharged. Unsuspecting Mikhail gave a new friend your new Iphone 6, but then one of them knocked him to the ground and began to beat. The victim began screaming and he came to the aid of passers-by, however, the attackers managed to escape, along with a brand-new gadget Michael.

Already upon returning home the victim noticed his sistance membership, which he himself had made on behalf of the robber. He quickly copied the photos and personal details of the offenders and brought these materials together with a statement about the robbery to the police.

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“When I came home, went in “Vkontakte” and saw that the application hangs. He had all the information on the page. I took from the page the photos of his friend who hit me, and kept all the data for the police,” said the young man.

The amount of damage amounted to 53 000. It clarifies the newspaper, citing a source in the Moscow police, suspects capital militiamen already established, but to detain the offenders of the student PFUR has not succeeded yet.

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