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Murtazin: the Samsung Gear S2 in Russia have left 40,000 pre-orders in 2 days – more than the Apple Watch

New smart watch Samsung Gear S2 aroused great interest among Russian consumers, claims a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. According to him, the South Korean gadget popular in Russia bypasses Apple Watch.

“On all versions hours Samsung Gear S2 in Russia have already hosted nearly 40,000 pre-orders in 2 days. And it very much. Apple Watch not so much in Russia,” he wrote in his microblog. “It is clear that from 40,000 pre-orders fall off half, maybe 70 percent, but still the number is striking. This generation like”, he added.

How many Apple Watch has already been sold in Russia since the end of July, saying neither Apple nor its partner-retailers. Statistics C-Store showed that sales of hours at the start comparable with sales of the flagship smartphone, the well-known international brands (A-brands). Sales of the Apple Watch higher than the smart watches from other brands: this can be attributed to the high popularity of Apple’s smartphones, the company said.

Data on the supply of Apple Watch in Russia and their sales diverge. According to an employee at one of Apple’s partners in Russia was officially sold about 14,000 of these devices. This seems to be true, I agree an employee of the other partner Apple. Only since the advent of the Apple Watch on the world market officially and unofficially in Russia has sold about 30 000 of these devices, says an employee of one of Apple’s partner.

Presented in early September, a bracelet Samsung Gear S2 is considered the main competitor to the Apple Watch. Unlike the first generation, the device has a classic round shape and is now barely out of their appearance on the background of traditional analog watches. When compared with the Apple Watch draws attention to the classic design of chronometer, as well as the elusive similarity of the main screens of the devices.

Samsung is particularly proud of a revolving bezel — a metal rim around the screen clock, which you can switch apps and menus. In Apple Watch for the same purpose implemented the digital Crown, which provides scrolling, zooming, smooth navigation and helps to avoid overlapping display.

Samsung Gear S2 will arrive in the Russian retail in October at a price of 20 990 rubles for the basic version and 24 990 rubles for the version classic. The price of Apple Watch in Russia begin from 27 990 rubles.

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