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Murtazin: Microsoft will kill Lumia and will leave the market of smartphones by the end of the year

Leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin predicted the imminent closure of the line Lumia and maintenance Microsoft from the smartphone market. He told about it in a column on the website Mobile Review.

The examiner reviewed the financial results of Microsoft for the first quarter of 2016. In the version for the press, the company described a 46-percent drop in revenue from smartphone sales. In documents for investors revealed even more tragic figures: the number of smartphones sold fell by 73% compared to last year’s value.

The reason for this fall Murtazin calls the fact that people “didn’t like the operating system itself from Microsoft”. Also impacted on the result stop spending “billions of dollars” on the promotion of smartphones on Windows Phone and subsidize their retail sales.

According to the analyst, the share and the value of WP-smartphones in the global market “actually zero”. “No one in their right mind would build apps for this platform and try to earn it, he writes. — This is akin to that in the last minutes on the Titanic to try to shove the passenger in lifeboat unforgettable photos for the price of 10 dollars per piece”.

Also Murtazin told about the upcoming closure of the line Lumia. These thoughts triggered numerous discounts on smartphones in the networks of Russian retailers, and the absence of PR-activities for the promotion of the brand by Microsoft. The analyst believes that by the winter of 2016, this brand will disappear from the shelves completely.

“How long the market will be Lumia? – asked Murtazin. – You can talk about six months, this period seems quite real. By the winter of 2016, this brand will disappear from the shelves completely, it simply will not…”.

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According to Murtazin, the Windows Phone operating system has ended, and the Nokia brand, “which rattled once, and was number one turned into nothing.”

“The Lumia story ended, and I listened with interest to fans of the system who will argue that in the end will buy a couple of phones and will use them in the following years, notes the analyst. — For most this is the natural result of how Microsoft ignored the needs and desires of the people.”

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