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Murtazin: iPhone is losing smartphone Samsung as on prices and technical characteristics

At the end of April for the first time, Samsung surpassed Apple in sales of flagship smartphones in Russia. About it reports “Kommersant”, citing a GfK report. According to observers, in monetary terms, the share of South Korean companies amounted to 54.9%, an increase from April 24 to almost 35%. According to leading analyst Mobile Research Group of Eldar Murtazin, the situation is due to the fact that the iPhone loses to Samsung smartphones “almost all fronts.”

Change of the leader in this segment coincided with the release of the new flagship from Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Experts believe that Samsung will be able to maintain a high market share until the beginning of sales of the next iPhone model.

From 24 to 30 April 2017 the share of sales of Samsung in the price range of $600 amounted to 54.9%, while Apple’s share is 43.4 per cent, the report said. Such performance in this price category Samsung demonstrates for the first time.

According to the “Euroset” in 2016 at the start of sales of Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2016 Samsung took 41%, Apple’s is 57%. In 2015, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 ratio brands accounted for 24% to 74% in favor of Apple.

Samsung’s sales began to rise in April before the release of new flagships Galaxy S8 and S8+, which was launched in Russia on April 28. So, from 17 to 23 April the company’s sales increased by almost 9%, and from 24 to 30 April by almost 35%. At the same time, the share of sales of smartphones Apple more than $600 fell from mid-April to 24%. GfK data in Apple does not comment.

According to the analyst of “Finam” Timur Nigmatullin, the situation is due to economic reasons. “The strengthening of the ruble exchange rate and easier access to credit affected the growth of demand for devices in the high price category,” said he.

Eldar Murtazin believes that the iPhone is losing smartphone Samsung both prices and specifications.

“Apple’s share is decreasing from year to year, this is the current trend. Apple devices lose Samsung a lot of different characteristics, and users are bored with the monotonous design,” said a well-known fan of smartphones Samsung Murtazin.

In his opinion, Apple will lose to Samsung until iPhone new generation, if only the American manufacturer will not reduce prices in Russia.

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