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Murtazin called the law about slowing down the Internet “madness at the level of the law Spring”

The leading analyst of company Mobile Research Group called “crazy” amendments to the legislation that would allow the court to slow down access to the sites to offenders. This opinion he was summoned to an interview Life.

As reported on Monday, “Vedomosti”, at the spring session the state Duma will consider amendments that slowed access to sites in foreign and Russian Internet companies that violate the rulings of the Russian courts and government agencies. According to interlocutors of the edition, foreign Internet companies violate the requirements of the Russian legislation, on the grounds that they are subject to the laws of the countries in which registered. The initiative is in the final stages of negotiation in the presidential administration, on amendment of FAS work, Roskomnadzor and other departments.

Eldar Murtazin said that it was a negative to the bill.

“Legislation of our government officials is on the way that they do not understand what you are doing. If we talk about this bill, initiated by the Federal Antimonopoly service because the FAS could not achieve their designs, in General, quite absurd rulings in relation to Google, she had to save face,” said Murtazin.

According to experts, the new amendments can be affected not only ordinary users but also the operators.

“It’s bad for providers that do not receive money from corporations. This is bad for users who have low speed. Given that the alternative to Google today, and to say that it’s good for consumers in the country, it is not necessary”, — said the analyst.

Eldar Murtazin also added that the FAS are not aware of their actions.

“In fact, FAS says that Russia will again become a pirate country. To that their actions will lead in the end. They do not speak their actions with the experts, with experts in their fields, and it’s just crazy. This madness at the level of the “law of Spring”. We have officials trying to impose their opinion, which is wrong, based on what they are trying to do in the end. They are the result of their not achieve, but most importantly, worsen the economic situation in the country with their own hands — said the analyst.

Recall that in late 2015 the FAS found Google violated the law on protection of competition fined the company for 438 million rubles and ordered to eliminate violations, but the company still did not fulfill the requirements of the Department.

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